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5 Exotic Ideas for Mother's Day Flowers – A Buyer’s Guide

5 Exotic Ideas for Mother's Day Flowers – A Buyer’s Guide

Are you tired of sending out roses, carnations, and daisies for your mom? If you are looking to mix it up this coming Mother’s Day, go for something exotic for a change. Here are 5 ideas to help you out:          

1. Change colors – Sometimes, simply changing the color of your bouquet can make it fresher and brand new. Instead of sending red roses, why not send orange, violet, or blue ones? You might even find rainbow colored roses.          

2. Make it tall – Most Mother’s Day flowers are bunched up into a bouquet. Choose flowers with height to change up the entire look. Try exotic blooms like birds of paradise and accent it with some bamboo sticks.          

3. It’s all in the presentation – Bouquets can be a little boring, so why not choose to have flowers sent in a fancy vase? If that’s too bland for you, you might even find florists selling flowers in woven baskets, dishes, bunched up in hay, or even in a bamboo container.          

4. Go tropical – Since tropical flowers are not every common in America, you might want something from the tropics or even the Amazon. Choose bouquets with Songs of India tips, tropical orchids, Leucadrendrum tropical leaves, wild pineapples, ginger flowers, protea, and galax. 

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5. Florist’s choice – If you really have no idea on what to give your mother, you can always ask for advice from the florist or flower shop. Before you do this, you might want to do a little background check on the florist. It’s important that the florist has good taste and is reliable. You should also explain clearly that you want something new and exotic—not too out of this world that it will just look downright weird. Ask the florist if he or she has samples you can look at. You might also find a perfect arrangements for mothers on the flower shop’s website.

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