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I choose to Care, what's your choice?

I choose to Care, what's your choice?

I choose to Care, what is your choice?

 Before becoming a Florist I had the luck of experiencing receiving flowers. It was not just from a boyfriend, or a prospect boyfriend courting me, it was also a girlfriend on a Birthday because we could not see each other on that day, and it was also my coworkers in the IT Dept I used to work for, while at was at the Hospital after a surgical emergency.

I remember each and every one of those instances, I remember the feeling of joy and the sense of thanksgiving for having people in my life that care for me and showed me their love throught flowers.

Caring for others have always been an instinctual part of my being but It had never occurred to me that my hands will take part on arranging the conglomerated and harmonic creatures of nature in a message of love and care for others.

Every arrangement that passes through my hands is an act from someone else to care for one another. I have experienced first hand to see our humanity through each message customers convey, I have helped customers many times to say what they mean and so many times there’s no need for a message, the floral arrangements speak for themselves, flowers gather in a flowing dialog becoming an expressive letter of sentiments, needless to say more. Ask someone who have received flowers after a passing of a love one and they’ll tell you.  

The past year has been not just a rough halt to all our systems that were going and going without ever stopping, it has offered perspective to many who never stopped to smell the roses. In less than a year many have grown in appreciation for life like never before, we’ve said goodbyes to many and there are still many isolated on their houses, particularly the most vulnerables in our society, the ones who have come before us paving the way for us, many who still wonder if there’s someone that cares out there for them.

Some of us live for those moments, those moments of caring for one another. If anything, this past year has showed us is that 'It is people the thing we most care for', in essense, we only have one another, everything else lacks meaning in your life unless you have someone to care for or someone to care for you. It is that simple.

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