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Mrs. Dalloway Club - Your Flowers Subscription Program

Mrs. Dalloway Club - Your Flowers Subscription Program

“Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself.”

And she did!

 This is my favorite line from any of Virginia Woolf 's novels. Not sure if I identify more with the writer than the character in this book, or maybe a little bit of both. Yes I am a woman, a modernist? maybe, I suppose it all depends on your definition of it. I like to step into my own authority as a woman, but I still like to receive flowers, a man that opens the door for me and all kinds of courtships.

 Truth is I've always loved to have flowers around the house, to make intimate gatherings and cook and wine, and flowers must be a part of it all.

 I remember early on when I started earning money setting aside a few bucks as my allowance for flowers every week at the market. I might've skipped a supply on the list but Flowers were a must.

 At a young age, I bought myself a poster that said something to the effect of 'why wait for someone to bring you flowers, instead buy the flowers yourself'. Not only I started practicing it, and planted flowers that bloomed, but I went as far as to become a Floral Designer and business owner myself. Now I live amongst them colors and intoxicated bouquets.

 I understand I went to an extreme here LoL but if you are anything like me - of course you don't have to go as far as becoming a Florist - LoL - now, you can get flowers yourself without having to wait to visit the market over the weekend. Stop at one of our Grab & Go flower locations on your way home or simply subscribe to our Mrs. Dalloway Club program and get flowers weekly delivered to your workplace or your choice of address.

 You will always have flowers as an excuse to make a party! Now, who's on board? 

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