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Orchids in Art

Orchids in Art

Dear Pristine           Kaleidoscope Orchid                    Orchids symbolize luxury and splendor. Time and time again, they have the been the focal point in the arts. Many artists are inspired by an orchid’s beauty and use it as inspiration for their pieces. The earliest mention of the orchid in literature was in Greek Mythology.
This myth is about a young man named Orchis, who one night attended a party for the god Dionysus and in a drunken stupor, attempted to rape one of the high priestesses of the god. Seen as sacrilege, Orchis was torn apart, limb by limb, by one of Dionysus beasts. His father prayed to the gods to bring him back. The gods ended up having mercy on Orchis’ father and turned Orchis’ remains into a flower, which we know today as the Orchid.
In poetry, the orchid is an inspiration to the creative instinct. The orchid is exotic and sensual and helps the poet deliver a story that carries a distinctive meaning from describing its long stem to its unique flower shape and aroma.
In Miami, at our booming flower shop, we see the orchid as part of a wonderful, artistic arrangement. With arrangements like the Kaleidoscope Orchid & Dear Pristine, Flowers by Pouparina is your one stop shop for everything orchid. In addition to our many offerings, we will be happy to craft for you a unique Orchid arrangement that would add artistic expression in your home or office.
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