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More on Orchids

More on Orchids

Orchids are found in almost every eco-system in the world.  From jungle orchids that thrive in various tropical climates to desert orchids blooming in arid environments.  Of course, the orchid has been an ornamental flower throughout its history, standing tall, beautiful and proud in the most affluent homes.
At Flowers by Pouparina, because of its luxury our orchids add an extra touch to our premium bouquets and, we pledge that arrangements like our High Fanfare & the Emerald Upright will make any room in your home look dazzling.
Now, if you want to impress a special someone, then what better way to do that than with an orchid. Orchids have long symbolized love and sensuality. At Flowers by Pouparina, we also have great, handcrafted orchid arrangements like the Love Me Tender or even the Pink Lolita, that will show your loved one how much you care.
 Love me tender Pacific Symphony High Fanfare
This September, indulge yourself in the finer things because you know you’ve worked hard for it. Get some new fancy clothes, go out a little more and come home everyday to a home adored with a gorgeous and plush arrangement .
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