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Zodiacal Floral Artistry Collection - Sun in Scorpio

Zodiacal Floral Artistry Collection - Sun in Scorpio


From the Zodiacal Floral Artistry Collection. Sun in Scorpio.
Shedding layers of consciousness to meet with self,
Majestic burgundy mini callas with Burned Brown Cymbidium Orchids, arrive in a shattered rustic clay container. Bare willows surrounds the season process.


      Scorpio is a sign veiled in mystery. Concealed within its nature are the great secrets of sex, death, and rebirth. it is also a symbol for the concentrated tension on the sexual organs of the individual in a state of excitation. It therefore represents the latent procreative powers and the force of impregnation of the sexual force in life or Spirit. Scorpio has the necessity of merging with the object of his obsession, hence their intensity in the process. Also known as the sign of death as when one dies, much of one's earthy known individuality changes its form and it's never the same again. It is obliterated, annihilated! The ego, that sense of " I-amness" also must change in  its essence. It must eventually merge with the greater "I AM" of the Spirit which permeates all life. Also called the sign of transformation. As the snake sheds its skin so that a larger body may emerge, Man sheds the layers of his consciousness so that a larger Self may be born. Individuals who are in a conscious state of growth can look back upon the snakeskin of personality they have already shed over the years. Under this sign the individual must fight his way through the stream of the life-force, ever developing his consciousness through his many births and deaths until he merges with the source of his immortality.


Autumn decoy


From the Zodiacal Floral Artistry Collection


Dueling on the detriment course of natural forces, forever young red roses and orange unique dwell on the course of fall, agreessibly searching for life on the still nature of drying trunk of wood.


In nature yearly cycle Scorpio brings the retreat for the animals into heir hibernating caves. The red and gold of the falling leaves are now turn into crisp brown and the trees are practically bare. In nature, Scorpio represents the period of regeneration. During its passing the leaves die and wither but only to become the soil and fertilizer of the ground surrounding the tree.


 November pavé
From the Zodiacal Floral Artistry Collection
Sun in Scorpio. Between life and death, mix of mini-callas, Kale, Jade and Amnesia roses fighting for their life or death, between the living and the dying affair. Pavé arrives in a dark ceramic square and contemporary container to reveal the night prevails under the Scorpio Sun.


Bows of Mystery


From the Zodiacal Floral Artistry Collection


Lure into the ambiguity of the unknown with this seductive red roses arrangement that presents itself with an intriguing note. Intertwined in dark red feathers in an stylish white vase.

Scorpio is also the seducer who takes the vital but uncommitted and unrealized energy of the virgin and uses it to further his own goals no matter what the cost to his prey. Scorpio is either the healer who removes the poison from a patient's bloodstream thru a transfusion of healthy plasma or the vampire who sucks out the lifeblood of the poor unfortunate who comes under the power of his hypnotic gaze. it's also the sign most easily susceptible to the forces of dark or the illuminations of light. He has within himself the ability to reconstruct himself no matter how low he falls, and can eventually rise up like the Phoenix over the ashes of spent desires. Both light and dark are part of the physical construction of our solar system and as such we dwell in this duality.

Zodiacal Floral Artistry CollectionDarkness and mystery of underlying forces of creation.

Lime Green Hydrangeas, burgundy mini-callas and artichokes with amnesia and jade roses blend to create this mystical existence. Flowers arrive in a burgundy flowery velvety glass.  

In an esoteric level Scorpio its referenced in the scriptures and mythology. In the book of genesis, Scorpio is the serpent who brings the temptation which causes the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Once the forbidden fruit of desire was tasted, Man lost his innocence: once the ego of Man asserted its separateness, Man lost the consciousness of his immortality and fell from Grace. Scorpio is also depicted as the "flaming sword" which , according to the Old Testament, functions "to guard the way to the tree of life". In this respect Scorpio is viewed as the custodian of the inner temple which contains the secrets of creation. In classical mythology the Scorpion is this monster who causes the fiery horses of Apollo to run wild when they were in the inexperienced hands of Phaethon, this provide us with another great reference to Scorpio's character. He can cause chaos and remain unchanged or even become more powerful himself. This myth is also a symbolic warning to those who take too much power into their own hands before they have the wisdom to use it.
We hope you enjoy our new floral arrangements inspired under the Scorpio Sun and we will meet again for more when the sun enters the sign of the Centaur

Bibliography: As above, so below. A primary guide to astrological awareness.
                         By Alan Oken

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