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All About Roses This Valentines Day

All About Roses This Valentines Day

How can you go a Valentine's Day without the traditional dozen roses?

Flowers by Pouparina has created this collection solely for those rose lovers who cannot survive without their love. In an contemporary style, these beautiful selection of floral  arrangements are made with only your favorite petals

  • Pure Romance - flowersbypouparina.com
    Pure Romance - flowersbypouparina.com
    from $174.99

    Pure Romance

    Because your sweetheart deserves to be romanced with all the purity of love in your heart, send a luxurious bouquet of the freshest premium long-st...

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  • Crimson love bouquet - flowersbypouparina.com
    Crimson love bouquet - flowersbypouparina.com
    from $129.99

    Crimson love bouquet

    A lovely combination of red roses, white stock and tulips arrive in a frosted crimson vase exuding elegance and style. A beautiful floral arrangeme...

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  • Inamorata - flowersbypouparina.com
    from $349.99


    Let your ladylove know the deep romantic and sexual attachment you have to her with this sensual flower arrangement. The blend of Three dozen forev...

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  • I Polka Luv U - flowersbypouparina.com
    from $289.99

    I Polka Luv U

    This gorgeous and chic floral arrangement features about a hundred, yes one hundred (100), classic red roses. Delivered in a Polka dot ceramic cyli...

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  • Forever Diamonds - flowersbypouparina.com
    Forever Diamonds - flowersbypouparina.com
    from $119.99

    Forever Diamonds

    Forever Diamonds . Forever next to you. Forever bound to you. That is what this beautiful rose arrangement symbolizes. A shared sacred moment. That...

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  • Love is in the Air - flowersbypouparina.com
    Love is in the Air - flowersbypouparina.com
    from $134.99

    Love is in the Air

    Order this Classic Red Roses Long Stem Floral Arrangement this Valentines. Eighteen long stem red roses gracefully arranged in a ruby swirl glass v...

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  • Scarlet Heart - flowersbypouparina.com
    Scarlet Heart - flowersbypouparina.com
    from $79.99

    Scarlet Heart

    Red roses forming a heart laying on a bed of baby's breath arrive in a white ceramic vase. A simple yet loving arrangement to infer passion and rom...

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  • A Dozen Classical - Long Stem Roses - flowersbypouparina.com
    A Dozen Classical - Long Stem Roses - flowersbypouparina.com
    from $79.99

    A Dozen Classical - Long Stem Roses

    For the conventional lover and rose giver, comes this traditional dozen long stem roses in a customary glass vase with fillers and greenery. Bells ...

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  • My Cherry Red - flowersbypouparina.com
    My Cherry Red - flowersbypouparina.com
    from $79.99

    My Cherry Red

    A dozen red roses, like a cherry red chant, sweet and simple in a surrounded lace of baby's breath arrive in a white ceramic striped vase.  Orienta...

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  • 2 Dozen Deep Purple
    2 Dozen Deep Purple
    from $159.99

    2 Dozen Deep Purple

    Send your Valentine twenty four purple roses arrive in a clear traditional vase with a eucalyptus mix or seeded and silver coin.   A treat to the e...

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