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Mother's day flower subscriptions

Flowers Subscriptions

If you are like Mrs. Dalloway in the Virginia Woolf's novel, and you keep vases laying around your house you'd probably love this collection and would love this flower subscription program.

Delight yourself in the amusement and self-nurture act of creating, cutting and arranging your own flowers. Put them in the vase, smell them, IG the world about how great of a Florist you are and better yet, share them on your dinner table with friends and family. If you enjoyed this vision, this collection is for you. 

Many varieties to choose from, mix gerberas, spray roses, Holland beauties, Roses, Chrysanthemums and more at Flowers by Pouparina - Fresh Bloom Subscriptions

Choose your fresh picks, will deliver them to you every Week, or every Month, you can also choose the frequency of your subscription. 

Should you want to change the type of flowers you'd like to receive next time? You can also do that. No commitments, you can pause and start your subscription as well, at your convenience.

Only premiums and select are available for delivery without subscriptions. Initial prices are only for subscriptions, if you are interested in subscribing weekly or monthly please send us an email to sales@flowersbypouparina.com and will reach out to place your recurring order. 

Commitment to a min of a month. After that, you can cancel anytime. 


  • Romantika - flowersbypouparina.com
    from $129.99


    Romantika is a gorgeous mix of garden roses in blush, reds and hot pinks. Enjoy the allure and fascination of these blooms while you arrange them i...

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