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Hearts, crosses and wreaths funeral standing sprays

Hearts, Crosses and Wreaths Sympathy Standing Sprays

Funeral Flowers, including Hearts, Crosses, and Wreaths, are a traditional and meaningful way to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away. These standing sprays are designed in a contemporary and elegant fashion, featuring a wide range of colors and palettes, with some including high-end flowers for a truly luxurious touch.

The heart-shaped arrangement is a popular choice, representing heartfelt sorrow and deep affection for the person who has passed away. Crosses are also a common choice, symbolizing our material world and the "cross to bear" in life, as well as the resurrection of our spirits above matter for Christians. The wreath shape represents the circle of life, reminding us that life is an ongoing cycle of birth, growth, and eventual passing.

At Flowers by Pouparina, we offer a variety of shapes and designs to choose from, and our expert florists can work with you to create a custom piece that perfectly reflects your loved one's personality and spirit. We offer convenient delivery to local funeral homes and churches in the Miami and Hialeah areas, and our staff takes great care in handling and transporting these delicate arrangements to their place of service. Let us help you honor the memory of your loved one with a beautiful and meaningful funeral flower arrangement.