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A prom corsage is a small floral arrangement that can be made with any type of flowers, ribbons and ferns, usually matching or accenting the girl's prom dress. They can be creative, elegant and fun. Corsages typically adorn a girl's wrist or collar and is mostly bought and given to her by her prom date. Whatever the event is, specially prom night, the corsage adds a special touch, including the Prom Queen and King revelation.

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Blue Bracelet Wrist Corsage

Product Code: POUPROM-10-11


Body Flowers

Product Code: POUPR5711


Deco Jewelry Hair Accent

Product Code: POUPR4611


Floral Boa

Product Code: POUPR7611


Floral Hair Comb

Product Code: POUPR4311


Floral Shoe Accent

Product Code: POUPR7911


Flower Jewel Necklace

Product Code: POUPR7111


Gerbera Headband

Product Code: POUPR4411


Jeweled Handheld Rose Bouquet

Product Code: POUPR7411


Orchid Bracelet

Product Code: POUPR2111


Prom Ivy Halo

Product Code: POUPR4811


Purple Wrist Corsage

Product Code: POUPR1311


Texas Homecoming Corsage

Product Code: POUPR7311


Traditional White Wrist Corsage

Product Code: POUPROM-09-11


Floral Epaulet and Sash

Product Code: POUPR7511


Floral Armband

Product Code: POUPR7711


Red Wrist Corsage

Product Code: POUPR1711


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