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Aromatherapy, Flower remedies.

Aromatherapy, Flower remedies.


Through this Section we will expose and learn flower remedies used for centuries that were kept as heretic or ignorant remedies against deep rooted sicknesses. These diseases had as primary genesis an entrenched emotional issue that the patient was unaware of and traditional medicine was unable to explain and cure.

 It wasn't until the mid XX that Eduard Bach, an English bacteriologist, Pathologist, and homeopath Bach flower remedies started the study of  flower essence to treat patience's with long term diseases. These remedies contain the energetic and vibrational nature of a particular flower, these values were to be found on the petals of the flowers and collected at very early hours in the morning, just like the alchemist are known to do.  These remedies or essences are a special yet subtle tool that captures the impact of flowers on our consciousness as its believed today that plants have consciousness and its tightly link to humans. Just a few drops taken regularly help us change unwanted emotional and spiritual patterns.  For instance, there are remedies to help release guilt and shame, stimulate creativity, increase self esteem, become more open to love and develop spirituality in a harmonic and grounded way.

This form of alternative medicine gave way to homeopathy, a very natural way of medical practice mostly apply in Europe and the Indies. America is still catching up to this practice.

However, Bach believed that these illnesses were the result of a conflict between the development of the personality and its actions and the purpose of the soul. This concept generated a lot ambiguity and contradiction since this practice was more of an intuitive application as oppose to scientific methods. For this reason, this practice is still under the category of alternative medicine.

It's up to you, the individual to make a decision based on knowledge and practice.

Today, we start by presenting you properties of the Sunflower.

Sunflower is a major one for the ego, whether there is too little or too much. It balances the self-esteem, so the persona is neither self -hating nor arrogant, but instead develop a strong sense of self-worth, along with a lovely humility. It also creates a balance on the individual selfexpression and conflicts relating to parents, specially the father.


Where can you find it: Alaskan Flower Essences Project, FES Flowers Essences,  Harebell, Pegasus.

                       - Flower Remedies Handbook. Emotional Healing & Growth with Bach & Other Flower Essences.  By Dona Cunningham

                      - Flower Therapy. Welcome the Angels of Nature into Your Life. By Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves.

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