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Flowers Giving Guide - Birthday

Flowers Giving Guide - Birthday

Don't know what flowers or floral arrangement to get that special someone for his or her birthday? Follow this guide and you will definitely achieve success.
Birthdays are a celebration of yet another year of being a living breathing and creative individual on this planet. It’s a wonderful motive for celebration.  What makes him/her come alive? What are his/her passions? What is the perfect floral arrangement for that special person who craves a passion-purposeful life?  Here are some suggestions: 
  1. For the happy-go lucky: Happy, Joyful and Vibrant colors will be the best choice to enhance your floral arrangement. All flower types will be appropriate as long as they are nicely arranged.
  2. For the most delicate princess: Soft and Pastel Colors will be the best combination for the delicate and gentle soul. Tones of the same hue (but uncrowded) will blend well together to surely please her senses.
  3. For the most innocent: Daisies, Gerbers and white colors will do the job.
  4. For the whimsical: Butterflies, birds and bird nests, jewelries, charms and ornaments will be the most appreciated.
  5. For the sophisticated: Clean water see-thru cuts floral arrangements, Minimalists, White is the preferred color, tall arrangements in white vases. White calla lilies are the perfect flower for the stylish.
  6. For the go-getter: Fire colors and Exotic flowers, inspiring non ordinary designs.
  7. For the go-green: Plants, Plants and plants!!! Recyclable materials and containers.
  8. For the intense lover: Crimson, dark colors of red. Definitely RED ROSES! Black Baccarah, Black Magic, intense colored velvet-ted red roses.
  9. For the health conscious: Gourmet and Fruit Baskets, flowers can also be combined.
  10. For the sports man: Wine and Exotic Flowers, Sport Containers.
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