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Succulent mix

Celebrate Earth Day with Nature

Plants have made the best option for gift given amongst millennials, there is no doubt this generation have awaken a global conscience about caring for our beautiful planet earth in every way possible.

I’ve noticed this generation have become adoptive parents not just of pets but also of the green plants.

Nothing else would show their affection more than to display a whole array of green plants, succulent mix being one of the most contended.

At Flowers By Pouparina, our team of florists is always ready to help you choose the perfect green plant for your gifts, help you become a plant parent by choosing a little one for yourself or send your appreciation to anyone else, its never late to develop a green thumb.

Place your orders with us by giving us a phone call or heading to our website. Have them sent out with our COVID-safe contactless delivery or set up a curbside pick-up with us.

Celebrate #earthday with your friends on this green day by giving out one of a kind planter, dish garden, orchid plants, root orbs or any of our beautiful collection of succulent mix.

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