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Green with Glee

Green with Glee


It symbolizes:

Harmony, health, optimism, 4th chakra (heart)...

The word on green:

"All about Spring"





The first signs of Spring are green...evoking a feeling of optimism about the future.

 In places with four full seasons, green is a sign that winter is over and many beautiful blossoms will be flourishing soon. Obviously green is tied to nature, but it represents the balance and harmony we feel when we're immersed in nature’s splendor. Don’t underestimate green as ordinary; green flowers like callas can be very elegant and stately. Orchids, also, come in unexpected hues of green.

When choosing the greenery for your wedding, don’t dismiss it as just an afterthought.

It can provide the integral texture and depth that brings your centerpieces to life. Like in our Single Rose Reception Centerpiece, wispy lily grass smoothly wields its way around the more prickly seeded eucalyptus and evergreen. And in our Candelabra Reception Centerpiece, English Ivy gracefully dances towards the table, asking you to take a closer look. And if you want that textured look to extend to your boutonnieres, try out our greenery boutonniere. Who knew that greenery could be so versatile?

Sometimes, natural simplicity is best.

It lets the bride and groom become the true centerpiece.
If a simple, organic look is your style, our White and Green Organic Floral Package might be the right choice for your wedding.

If you’re more of a DIY bride and green is your shade, you might prefer our green hydrangea bunches.

Either way...
we’re here to help you in every floral step of your wedding story.

We’d love to give you a complimentary consultation.

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