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How Do I love thee?

How Do I love thee?

There’s nothing more romantic than a gorgeous bouquet of roses. After all, the rose has been a symbol of love and beauty since ancient times. At Flowers by Pouparina we ensure that your bouquet of roses is going to look splendid, even though there are many other incredibly romantic ways to show that special someone how much you love them using roses, ways that don’t involve a bouquet or perfect vase.
We’ve collected our 3 favorite creative and romantic ways to give roses (other than our number one favorite: in a bouquet or vase), and shared them here to inspire you and get your creative flower-giving side this Valentine's week.
1-Want to help her soothe away a tough day, and score big romance points at the same time? Remove the petals from several roses and float them in a hot bath, light some floral scented candles around the bathroom, turn off the lights and fill the room with soft music for a romantic experience, it will be like no other.
2-Give your sweetie a dozen roses from your favorite florist, Flowers by Pouparina, and on each stem attach a note for a future date to do something that she would enjoy or adjectives describing her.
3-Fill your loved one's car with petals and a flower bouquet from Flowers by Pouparina for them to find before work and attach a note to the steering wheel with a very special and surprising message expressing how much you love her/him.
As a Reference check out our "ALL ABOUT ROSES THIS VALENTINE'S DAY" Collection from https://flowersbypouparina.com/
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