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It all started in Egypt. The Blue Lotus is Victory of Spirit over the senses. Wisdom of Knowledge.

It all started in Egypt. The Blue Lotus is Victory of Spirit over the senses. Wisdom of Knowledge.


Perhaps Floriology (the language of flowers) is as old as the very existence of mankind. Humans have and will continue to experience human emotions throughout its evolution, having this emotional brain is part of what makes us superior to other animals in the animal kingdom.  Whatever the theory we must base our knowledge on the records of history since man was able to leave trace of their civilizations on caves, walls and temples.  The language of flowers dates back to at least the times of the ancient Egyptians. They believed that divine power was concealed within the scent of a flower. These pictorial frescoes and carvings have allowed us to understand and see how the ancient Egyptians enjoyed the delectable perfume of blue water lilies. They were certain to reach celestial supremacy by inhaling its scent.

Nature and plants had a very metaphorical meaning in Egypt, maybe because of the difficulties in growing and maintaining these beauties under such harsh conditions - scorching heat coupled with lack of water to sustain the crops.  Only the wealthy were able to create artificial ponds in their luxury gardens and temples for contemplation and fragrance.  At funerals and memorial ceremonies, tradition among the wealthy was to add bouquets and garlands to the dead, so these would accompany them on their passage through the underworld. When the Roman Empire under Julius Cesar conquered the sandy lands of the Nile, philosophers, thinkers and writers also arrived with them. In their historical accounts they described the overpowering fragrance of the flowers they discovered throughout the kingdom and expressed their fear that the exhilarating scents could obscure their mind and weaken their judgment.

Top left:  Ancient Egyptian Florets. Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea)
Top Right: Egyptians inhaling Lotus in order to induce an ecstatic state, stimulation and hallucinations, given its dopamine properties.
Bottom: Blue Lotus, Blue Water Lilie.
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