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Orange: you’re gonna love it.

Orange: you’re gonna love it.


It symbolizes:

Happiness, warmth, playfulness, 2nd chakra (sacral)…

Orange is the color of the sunset, making us feel reminiscent and reflect on our life. It helps us remember things - they say that geniuses choose orange as their favorite color.
It is the color that represents a flame for Buddhist monks.
Just like when different people look at a color and see different hues, there are multiple shades in a flame. Think about the flaming shades of orange you’d like included in your bouquet - maybe burnt orange, vermilion, rust, bronze, clay…

and sometimes the flame dies down...
and becomes a more subdued monochromatic color palette.


Orange is a symbol of truth - in primitive times, man was very afraid of fire and therefore if threatened by fire, the truth comes out.
It represented respect because it was an element that can burn your house down. Therefore, power comes into play as well. This color would be a good choice for a couple who is respected within the community and holds a strong bond within their relationship and family.

What goes with orange?

Blue makes orange pop: consider different shades in your decorations
(as blue flowers are hard to come by) -

maybe royal blue, turquoise, aqua, cyan, arctic blue, cobalt…

is perfect for this color combination.
If you want something more understated and subtle,
Natural dyes, such as plant based material,
are used to dye Buddhist robes.
If you want to be like the monks and connect nature to your spiritual side, orange tones are a good choice for you. Orange naturally makes us think of food since it invigorates our hunger instinct. So many foods and spices have orange tones - think of apricot, peach, tangerine, saffron, curry, paprika, papaya, cantaloupe, carrot…

If you want to include multiple orange tones,

consider a monochromatic look.


Since orange represents happiness,

it would be a lovely choice for a more playful couple.

Its burst of color goes well with other outgoing hues like

fuchsia, majestic purple and violet, yellow and chartreuse.


To make your orange tones pop,

consider this color combination:



Orange symbolizes community and good times with friends.

Orange is just a name to call the many shades in this family of bronze and amber. Although orange may seem like an everyday occurrence from the setting sun, it can be quite stunning in the right floral setting.

When thinking about orange arrangements,
consider the simplicity of orchids and let the colors do the talking.

The word on orange:

"About smiling"

"Being with friends and community"

"Good times"

"Truth and respect"


Recommended flowers in this color palette:

Calla lilies...Orchids...Cymbidium orchids


Still need guidance?

We’re here to help you in every floral step of your wedding story.

We’d love to give you a complimentary consultation.

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