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Sunflowers- A Toast to Summer

Sunflowers- A Toast to Summer

There is nothing that brightens us up like summer. BRIGHT, sunny days tend to cheer us up. No wonder, then, that people around the world also feel cheered by the flower named for the sun—the Sunflower! The happy, smiling face of a bouquet of sunflowers will lift one’s spirits. Summer is a time to plan long road trips that promise nothing but adventure, children running and laughing at summer camps, looking more eager than ever now that school is out.  Clear sunny days to keep you cheery during work and warm, vibrant nights that keep you out at night. But before the sweet days of summer end, there is one flower that everyone looks for: The Sunflower. Without the Sunflower, summer just doesn’t quite feel like Summer. If you’re like me and you start planning your next summer trip before the current summer ends, then let us suggest that one of the most popular places in the world to see sunflowers is in Tuscany, Italy. But if you’re a person on a budget, then the best place to get sunflowers is from Flowers By Pouparina, so that way, when the stress of back to school shopping overwhelms you, you can go home and smile when you see your summer memories reflected in bouquets like our Sunflower Summer Pitcher, Sunflowers Zumba and Simply Sunflowers.

EV 37-11 Sunflowers summer flowers specials hialeah miami Sunflowers summer flowers specials hialeah miami 

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