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Thanksgiving Flowers

Thanksgiving Flowers

Thanksgiving Celebration Flowers

It's time to give thanks again to our Creator and to be grateful for everything we've accomplished during the course of a year, time to gather the harvest of our efforts  and chant prayers of happiness and thanksgiving with our family, friends and loved ones. Thanksgiving is celebrated in response to God's favorable Providence. It’s a celebration to rejoice in everything life offers us that we sometimes take for granted, to be thankful for being and for breathing rays of sun light at every sunrise.

Since the times when the Pilgrims and Puritans who began emigrating from England in the 1600, the tradition has been carried over, the days of fasting and Thanksgiving were also brought up to New England, several days of Thanksgiving were held in early New England history that has been identified as the "First Thanksgiving", including Pilgrim holidays in Plymouth and the Puritan holidays in Boston.

Life would be dull and shallow without the occasion to share these beautiful moments with our loved ones.  This time of year is when we put our heartfelt efforts in preparing the best meal, using the finest table garments and sealing it with grace by including fresh flowers as the centerpiece on the family table.

A beautiful flower arrangement will complement and complete the table and set the mood for the festivity. Displaying an attractive thanksgiving bouquet can turn a good meal into an exceptional one. As good chefs know plating and food presentation are essential to creating a wonderful dining experience, the food not only has to taste delicious it must also look enticing. Impress your Thanksgiving guests with a beautiful centerpiece or floral arrangement using seasonal flowers special for the occasion.

As much as I love flowers and all the seasons, I particularly enjoy this part of the year, not only because it depicts and celebrates our unique history but because of the changing of colors of the trees, the flowers and the landscape. From the riches of reds, to the fiery of orange to the happiest of yellows and the grasping of fire and browns and sparks of lights and passion, it’s a fusion of color that ignite the senses.

A wide selection of colors and flowers are available in the flower markets, just focus on the autumn colors and learn which flowers traditionally express gratitude.  Sunflowers as happy as morning lights,, Lilies with the smell of thousands of Capri islands,  Marigold with its golden and vivid orange and yellow hues, Hydrangeas with its symbolism of heartfelt emotions and gratitude, Roses that are always used to express thankfulness, Statice, which symbolizes remembrance, so think deep and remember all the things to be grateful for. Puppies and Corn and Straw flowers of such color varieties and natural architectural designs, Gerbera Daysis (my little sis favorite) such happy and bright flowers that symbolizes cheerfulness, a wide assortment of Chrysanthemums that comes in all fall pallet of the season and Black Eyed Susan, a truly American wildflower. Additionally, think of all the dazzling possibilities to incorporate dried material to these gorgeous mixes of autumn affections.


Autumn flowers Saucer
From the Seasonal Artistry Collection


Turkey is ready and so is the table with this beautiful center piece. Mix of oranges, yellows and fire colors arrive in a keep sake to use again and again in the next celebrations to come. Gathering at the table to rejoice in this fiery flower arrangement of fall color tulips, mini roses, gerbers, billie balls, yarrow, straw and cone flowers.

Minimal Harvest


From the Seasonal Artistry Collection


Comes this minimal and sophisticated floral composition, not much needed to showcase its essence.
Holland and Parrot Tulips share the spot with Straw and cone flowers , black sorghums define its simple space.



Zen at Dawn


From the Seasonal Artistry Collection


Simple expression of orange Asiatic Lilies with dried poppies to form this spacey autumn exotic Zen. Arrives in a bamboo square designed container.
Fiery Country Basket
From the Seasonal Artistry Collection
Fire colored Sunflowers, peach tulips, straw flowers, green bottoms, achillea, orange poppies and autumn leaves arrive in a wicker square basket,  cinnamon sticks disperse the sweetness of the celebration season and the squares fall colored ribbon across the handle compete the country floral composition.


 Autumn Vines


From the Seasonal Artistry Collection


Bright orange gerbers, mini roses in colors of peach and darker oranges, Achillea flowers, chartreuse colors of bluperum, fall colored solidago and straw flowers arrive in this vine purse with a pair of cat tail accessorizing the autumn glance
Cornucopia of grace
From the Seasonal Artistry Collection
The most used of symbols during the Thanksgiving celebration to represent abundance and thankfulness.
Orange Sunflowers, peach spray roses, tulips, straw flowers, dried materials and cinnamon sticks adorn this joyful floral gift.


Happy Thanksgiving!
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