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Zodiacal Floral Artistry Collection. Sun in Sagittarius

Zodiacal Floral Artistry Collection. Sun in Sagittarius

When it comes to Sagittarians I must say I’m bias towards any qualifying term to coin their description, must be because their innate exuberance and versatility which I admire to the point of effortless complaisant; they have such a positive outlook on life, they are full of enterprise, energy, adventurousness and eagerness to extend and expand in every possible experience beyond the physically familiar frontier. Always divided between the animal and human side of the centaur which is the symbol that carries their attributes; the archer in focus to shoot the arrow in the direction of their goals, always searching for the truth. Their generosity, joviality and good-humored spirit always contagious and their capacity to adjust to variables are a key factor in their performance.




Zodiacal Floral Artistry Collection


Shekon Heliconia, cornflowers and zambrea anthuriums in a roman rustic container to sustain furthermore their lush for uneven terrain.


Dedicated to the most courageous and al-fresco of the Sagittarians, the ones that are eager to travel to the most intricate parts of the planets and crusade in favor of the those in need and their own expansiveness. Always in between the two worlds, trying to reconcile their gipsy and sophisticated nature, Sagg are always eager to expand their mind to higher lands. They enjoy travelling and exploration of new territories, the more so because their minds are constantly open to new dimensions of thought. They are basically ambitious and optimistic, and continue to be so even when their hopes are dashed. They are honorable, honest, trustworthy, truthful, generous and sincere, with a strong passion for social justice.


Optimum Trait


Zodiacal Floral Artistry Collection


Orange Holland and Parrot tulips with lime green hydrangeas and fire orange spray roses speaks of their fiery nature. Yet their sophisticated side impose a treat of elegance to readjust to the higher elements of design.


Sagittarians are usually modest and are often religious, with a strong sense of morality, though they tend to overemphasize the ethical codes they follow and worship beliefs about God rather than God Himself. This means that, negatively, they regard rigid, unloving, intolerant adherence to ritual and conventional codes as more important than the truths they symbolize or embody. They sometimes pay lip service to religions and political parties in which they have ceased to believe because the outward forms satisfy them, yet they may not hesitate to switch allegiance in politics or change their system of belief if they see personal advantage to themselves in doing so. They have both profound and widely ranging minds, equipped with foresight and good judgment, and they can be witty conversationalists. They love to initiate new projects and have an urge to understand conceptions that are new to them. they think rapidly, are intuitive and often original, but are better at adapting than inventing and are at their best when working with colleagues of other types of character that compliment their own. They are strong-willed and good at organizing, a combination that gives them the ability to bring any project they undertake to a successful conclusion. Their generosity can be balanced by their extreme care at handling their resources.


Zodiacal Floral Artistry Collection


Beehive gingers and bouquet africano with curly willows unite with industrialized vessels to showcase their adaptability to new horizons keeping their loyalty to nature at the base of their expression.




Sagittarians are ardent, sincere and straightforward in love, normally conventional and in control of their sexual natures. Yet if unsatisfied, they may easily allow their failure to embitter their whole lives or they may revenge themselves upon the opposite sex by becoming irreverently licentious. They are more apt than the average to make an uncongenial alliance with their partner so long as social values and traditions are kept; their innate restlessness will inspire them to use even the most satisfying ménage as a base from which to set out on their travels. They need to fell free and are often faced with the choice of allowing their careers to take over their lives at the expense of the love of their spouse and family. Sagittarian women are the counterparts of their men; even if they have no career to rival their love, they find it difficult to express affection and may run the risk of being thought frigid. However if their marriages are successful, they could be faithful spouses and overindulgent parents.


Joie d'orange
Zodiacal Floral Artistry Collection
Orange and peach roses with spray roses of same palette are at the core of this contemporary bouquet tied in a newly cloth d'orange pinned in brooches of green emerald. Always the look on the new perspective.

When it comes to other kinds of relationships they are reliable, seldom betraying any trust given to them. As members of one of the fire triangle they can, however, be impulsively angry and both male and female Sagittarians know how to be outspoken and exactly what terms will wound their adversaries most. On the other hand they are magnanimous in forgiving offenses and are very responsible when looking after the elderly in the family, they enjoy family and land traditions as well as spiritual rituals, while some could be very religious to the point of fanaticism most of them are more spiritual oriented and interested always on the intellectual side of the dialogue, they have a talent for expounding the moral principles and laws which seem to explain the universe hence their philosophical nature.


They can be demanding, domineering and uncaring in the work place; and conceited, earthy and extravagant in their private lives. Their restlessness, if excessive, can jeopardize more than their own stability. Some Sagittarians risk becoming playboys, wasting their lives away in frivolous pursuits. Others can develop a moralizing, religious fanaticism or else turn into hypocrites, their inner prudishness disguised by an outward appearance of joviality. whether the positives or negatives traits you feel it suits your description if you are a born under this constellation know that no other sign of the zodiac is so eager to develop and readjust on self as the ever crusader centaur.


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Floral Designs: Flowers by Pouparina

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