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Chocolates - add it to your flowers

Chocolates - add it to your flowers

Add Chocolates, truffles and bonbons to your floral arrangements. Choose from a wide list of chocolate assortments on our inventory.

For those who love the most novelty and hand made munchies, try our signature edible flowers chocolate bark or chocolate covered strawberry, or our Raspberry chocolate bark.

Macarons have also reached our list as many of you requested it. Add macarons to your flowers and create a beautiful pair.

A chocolate and flower delicacy, the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day! And not only Valentines Day, but every day say I love you with flowers and chocolates.

A divine, rich texture that melts in your mouth. A childhood memory of exquisite taste and aromas from the finest chocolates you could imagine.

Creating memories with a simple melt-away pleasure guaranteed to please anyone who enjoys these treats! Women love chocolates with flowers. They make the perfect pair and always keep things interesting, which is why you can find them so often at your local confectionary store on Valentine's Day!

Chocolate Truffles are a quintessential part of any celebration. Before milk or white Dove, there was cocoa powder that people blended with sugar to make these sweet treats more enjoyable.

A love note bouquet is an excellent way of showing your affection when you need some time alone. Send this lovely arrangement in for any occasion; it'll make the recipient feel special!

Women love chocolates with flowers. The delicate taste of chocolate is enhanced by the sweet aroma and pleasing appearance that these treats provide, making them a perfect match for those who enjoy both sweets as well as beauty in their life!

How many ways can you say "I love you" in French? Well, one would be with Truffles and flowers.

Mmm yes! The best way to show someone that they're special is through their favorite sweets (well not really) like truffles or perhaps some delectable smelling chocolates covered by pretty decorated pieces of fondant for an even more appealing presentation; there's no wrong answer here as long as both parties' tastes match up perfectly - which isn't too difficult since people usually share similar preferences when it comes down right choice of chocolates and flowers.

If you're looking for a way to make any occasion more special, our chocolate and truffles are perfect to pair with any Flowers arrangements, nothing say I love you like flowers and chocolates.