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Alley-oop - A Basketball theme floral arrangement

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Ignite the basketball fever and show support for the Miami Heat with our Basketball Season Floral Arrangement. Designed in a basketball-themed container, this vibrant and spirited arrangement captures the essence of the game and pays homage to Miami's beloved basketball team.

The arrangement features a dynamic combination of tropical blooms that represent the excitement and energy of basketball. Striking Birds of Paradise, with their vivid colors and unique shape, take center stage, symbolizing the fiery passion and intensity of the game. Complementing the Birds of Paradise are vibrant Red Anthuriums and cheerful Yellow buttons, adding pops of color and representing the team spirit and enthusiasm.

To complete the design, bells of Ireland add a touch of elegance and height, mirroring the anticipation and anticipation of the game. The arrangement is adorned with Calathea leaves, known for their vibrant patterns and lush foliage, which evoke the lushness of the basketball court.

The basketball-themed container, in the iconic black and orange hues, is a nod to the Miami Heat's team colors and their journey to the finals. It adds an authentic touch to the arrangement and serves as a reminder of the team's triumphs and achievements.

Measuring approximately - inches in width and - inches in height, this arrangement makes a bold statement and becomes a focal point wherever it is displayed. Its all-around orientation ensures that the vibrant blooms and basketball-themed container can be admired from every angle.

Please note that the Basketball Season Floral Arrangement is available in three options: Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. The Standard option includes the described arrangement, while the Deluxe and Premium choices offer enhancements such as additional tropical flowers or more luxurious blooms to elevate the overall presentation. The larger options may also feature a bigger-sized container for a more impressive display.

Celebrate the Miami Heat's basketball season and honor the basketball enthusiasts in your life with our Basketball Season Floral Arrangement. Whether it's cheering for the team during the playoffs, commemorating a special occasion, or showing appreciation for a basketball-loving dad, this arrangement is a winning choice that captures the excitement and joy of the game.

Occasionally, substitutions may be necessary to create your arrangement due to the availability of certain flowers at certain times of the year. See our substitution policy