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Coordinating Floral Epaulet and Sash Set for Prom

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Make the lucky prom couple look and feel like major dance heroes with our coordinating Floral Epaulet and Sash set!

Our Floral Epaulet is a unique accessory that adds a touch of drama to any prom look. It features a free-form wire base that is expertly crafted by our skilled florists. We use complementary fresh flowers, greenery, and a profusion of flirty jeweled picks to create a beautiful and eye-catching design.

The Epaulet is a versatile accessory that can be worn on one shoulder, adding a unique and stylish touch to your prom attire. Our florists can customize the design to match your outfit and personal style. We can also incorporate ribbons, wires, and other decorative items to complement your look.

The coordinating Sash adds an extra element of elegance and sophistication to the prom couple's ensemble. Our Sashes are available in a variety of colors and materials to match your outfit. We can also customize the Sash with personalized embroidery, such as the couple's names or prom theme.

The price of our Floral Epaulet and Sash set includes both items, making it an affordable and convenient option for prom-goers. Our florists use only the freshest and highest quality flowers to create our designs, ensuring that your Floral Epaulet and Sash set will look stunning throughout the night.

Order our Floral Epaulet and Sash set for prom and make a statement with your unique and beautiful accessories. With our delivery and pick-up options, we make it easy for you to get your set in time for your big night. Let us help you make your prom unforgettable with our gorgeous floral creations!

- Price includes both Epaulet and Sash.