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His Keepsake Date - Prom Label Pin

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Imagine everyone's surprise when he dons his pocket square and reveals a ribbon-adorned keepsake photo boutonniere on his date! He'll think it's a "keeper" for sure!

A boutonnière is an natural flower that acts as a symbol of elegance and romance. These pretty pieces can be found on males suits on wedding events, homecomings and proms, making them perfect for any special occasion!

Every boy needs a pocket square and boutonniere to make his date feel special. What could be more romantic than surprising her with something borrowed before the night is over?

At first, everyone is going to be staring at their date in awe. However they soon realize that this man has a secret weapon up his sleeve-a boutonniere! It's made from an old photo of him and the one he loves most so not only does it show how much care goes into every detail but also makes for some great conversation starters as well.
The best part? Red roses always mean romance because no other color means more love than red.

The couple's date was a hit! Everyone is still talking about the red boutonniere and how it made such an impact. The man said he wanted to keep it as "a reminder of this moment," which we all thought would be something special for sure...

These red roses are the stature of your favorite boy or girl, and they're waiting in anticipation to be given as their gift from you!

If you're looking for a way to make your prom easy, fun and memorable-look no further! We offer the best flowers in town. Order these red roses boutonireres as soon as possible so we can customize them specifically just for this special occasion with colors that will match any tux attire perfectly sure he'll love it too ;)

The boutonniere is a flower that's worn in the lapel or on top of a suit to celebrate prom night.
The red rose has been used as an indicator for royalty because it was believed King Henry III, who had his portrait painted with this symbol posed next to one when he knighted Thomas Becket back during Middle Ages period which started around 1180s CE