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Truffles of France - upgrade

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Upgrade your flowers for delivery in Miami or Hialeah with this delicious box of truffles from France, whether a Valentine’s flower occasion or a Birthday Congratulations, flowers and chocolates are a match made in heaven!

Price does not include vase or flowers just the truffle box, make sure to read this description before you purchase this upgrade as it only includes the upgrade of your flowers complementing them with a box of chocolate truffles. 

You can certainly upgrade with chocolates, bonbons, and truffles any type of arrangement. Romantic Flower arrangements are extremely well complemented with chocolates, macarons, cookies or any sweets in general.

Women love chocolates with a delivery of flowers, they are an excellent addition to any floral arrangement be there in a vase or in any other container or wrapped flowers. Style is not an issue either, any form of design will go well with an addition of chocolates to the floral design.

Flowers are a great way to show your love for another person. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but they always have one thing in common: Flowers means the most! They convey a message.

Romantic flowers go very well with chocolate truffles and there's something about this combination you can't find anywhere else because each type has its own unique beauty that just cannot be replicated in any other type of present.

As if the taste of chocolate wasn't already intense enough, you can now add some extra romance to your treat with flowers. If you're looking for an elegant touch that will make someone, feel special on Valentine's Day or any other date night then these extra with your flowers are perfect!

Get this addition to your birthday flowers and send them their way for delivery in Hialeah or anywhere in Miami, our Floral designer’s will be very happy to include these tasty truffles to your floral arrangement.