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Lavander and Purple Funeral Standing Spray with Ribbon

SKU POU-SF039-31
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Presenting our Lavender and Purple Sympathy Standing Spray with Ribbon—a stunning arrangement designed to convey heartfelt condolences and honor the memory of a loved one. This exquisite spray features a harmonious blend of lavender roses, stock, purple larkspur, asters, lavander limonium, and other flowers in the same serene color palette.

As shown in our standard option, this standing spray captures the essence of elegance and grace. For those seeking an enhanced tribute, we offer deluxe and premium choices that include additional fresh and luxurious blooms. Depending on the design, a larger container may be used to further enhance the arrangement's impact.

At Flowers by Pouparina we understand the importance of convenience during this challenging time. That's why we provide convenient delivery services to funeral homes, churches, and temples of your choice in Miami and Hialeah. Our dedicated team ensures that your standing spray arrives promptly and in pristine condition, allowing you to focus on honoring and remembering your loved one.

This Lavender and Purple Sympathy Standing Spray with Ribbon is a thoughtful expression of sympathy and a visual representation of love and respect. Each flower has been carefully selected for its symbolism and beauty, creating a tranquil and soothing display that brings solace during difficult moments.

Lavender roses convey feelings of enchantment and love, while stock blooms symbolize a lasting bond. The majestic purple larkspur represents dignity and grace, while asters embody patience and elegance. Completing the arrangement, lavander limonium adds delicate texture and a touch of serenity.

The addition of a ribbon serves as a gentle and poignant detail, symbolizing the everlasting connection between you and your cherished loved one. It is a reminder of the precious memories shared and the enduring bond that transcends time.

During times of loss, finding the right words may be challenging. Let our Lavender and Purple Sympathy Standing Spray with Ribbon speak on your behalf, conveying your deepest sympathies and providing comfort to those in mourning. It serves as a tribute to a life well-lived and a reflection of the love that will forever endure.

Please feel free to reach out to us at 305.266.2311 for any further inquiries or assistance. We are here to support you during this difficult time.

Occasionally, substitutions may be necessary to create your arrangement due to the availability of certain flowers at certain times of the year. See our substitution policy