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Par for the Course - A Golf Theme Floral Arrangement

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I know a few dads who are passionate about golfing and would truly appreciate a gift that combines their love for the sport with the beauty of flowers. Introducing "Par for the Course," a remarkable floral arrangement designed in a charming golf ball ceramic container.

With its captivating composition of vibrant Birds of Paradise, elegant Bells of Ireland, fragrant white stock, and pops of red Hypericum, this arrangement is a delightful tribute to dad's passion for golf. The addition of miniature golf balls adds a playful touch, infusing the design with the spirit of the golf course.

Measuring approximately -12" W x - 14" H, "Par for the Course" is expertly crafted to impress from every angle. Its versatile orientation makes it suitable for any space or occasion, whether it's Father's Day, dad's birthday, or even Boss Day.

Choose the Standard option to enjoy the arrangement as shown, or opt for the Deluxe or Premium choices for enhanced features. These upgrades may include additional fresh flowers, premium blooms, and even a larger container, ensuring a truly remarkable presentation.

Presenting "Par for the Course" to your golf-loving dad is a heartfelt gesture that acknowledges his passion and brings a touch of nature to his favorite pastime. Let this unique gift serve as a reminder of your appreciation for his love of golf, creating a memorable and cherished moment that celebrates his unique interests.

Occasionally, substitutions may be necessary to create your arrangement due to the availability of certain flowers at certain times of the year. See our substitution policy