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Purple Bracelet and Boutonniere

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This purple bracelet and boutonniere set is the perfect solution for when she's wearing a strapless gown. With seasonal tulips, mini carnations, an ageratum bouquet--you'll have everything on hand that your special guest needs to look their best!

Seasonal tulips surprise and delight, along with mini carnations and ageratum. It's the perfect suggestions when she's wearing a strapless gown or simply doesn't want to pin anything on her fabulous dress.

Price includes bracelet and boutonniere set, they are both carefully crafted with much love from our designers.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to make your special someone feel like a true bride. With us, they can have something that will last them through all seasons of love and happiness with Purple Bracelet And Boutonniere Seasonal tulips surprise her or simply don't want anything pinning their fabulous dress together!

A purple bracelet and boutonniere set is the perfect accessory for prom. A seasonal tulip, carnation or ageratum will make her feel like a princess particularly if she wears a combining dress this special night!

Corsages and boutonniere for prom will always be fashionable, so long as romance exist, will continue to use these types of accessories to complement the proper attire.

Through the years Rose pink has always been very popular for prom, but if she wants to go with something more daring this year try purple. Whether it's a strapless gown or an off-the shoulder top; her choices are perfect when matched up against these seasonal! A Boutonniere set includes both the flower bouquet and matching bracelet (which can be worn separately too) so there will never again need worry about forgetting what goes where at formal events like dances in high school senior years! Price includes everything you see here – keep in mind substitutions are sometimes necessary as flowers are seasonal and sometimes the exact match might not be available.