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Long live the Fleur! A customer’s guide to giving flowers

Long live the Fleur! A customer’s guide to giving flowers


While some consider giving flowers a luxury due to their ephemeral nature, they still make one of the top choices for any given occasion. From romantics to social affairs, the elements of beauty and detail make the most everlasting memory.
Have you ever been uncertain of the flowers you are about to give away?
For customers like you is this slice of know-how and what when it comes to flowers.
Our first segment is dedicated to those who make just about 50% of a florist customer’s database.
A Gentleman’s Guide to Giving Flowers
Is there yet the best way for a man to make a lasting impression on a woman?
Latest buyer research on the floral industry proofs that the answer to making a tremendous and lasting impact is with no doubts through flowers. In fact, the study shows that 92% of women can remember the last time they received flowers, and 89% say receiving flowers makes them feel special.
But for men how to make the score on this give away still remains a mystery, and just about the right selection, will bring across the right message.
There are a few women in a man’s life, whether you are sending flowers to your mom, sister, girlfriend, or your lover. Here are few short tips to keep in mind:
• The newest emotion. This sensation may be the most difficult for a man to express, so for the newly, fresh eager, nothing like a fervent passionate floral arrangement fill with hot pinks, oranges and or definitely red flowers. As far as stylish goes you must seek your florist advice, but make sure to show your new romantic interest exactly how you feel it.
• A serious pledge. Flowers are intimately – and internationally – linked with the art of romance, and for a good reason. As relationships grow, flowers become symbols of different events and milestones in our lives together. Take note of her favorite flowers – the varieties at your wedding, flowers you sent her when you first started dating, or the ones she buys for herself. Those will have great meaning and impact. Ah, and don’t you dare to forget your anniversary!
• Primary Ladies. ‘No woman – especially moms, grandmas and sisters – should live without a little indulgence of beauty’. A fabulous flowering plant or a garden-style arrangement with greens and soft pastel hues – no matter what the flower – will send the message that you care.
• The fellow gal: Flowers that show you’re thinking of someone, but not in a sensual way, have a natural, - I just picked this flowers for you feeling - for a selection of garden-style flowers or a bright bold color palette that is fun and whimsical. A basket with a mix of flowering and green plants delivered to her door or office is also a sure winner.
The surprise factor: Research shows that 96% of women like to receive flowers when they’re not expecting them. ‘Guys should know that they don’t have to wait for a special occasion to give flowers, Make an occasion by sending flowers to the woman in your life, just because. They’ll never forget it.
The contents:
• Monobotanic. Arrangements featuring only one type of flower (such as all roses, tulips, lilies or iris) are in style and may even include different colors of the same flower in the vase or container.
• Monochromatic. Pick a color, any color and stick with it! If her favorite color is pink, for example, ask your florist for fresh bouquet of different flowers in the same color range.
• Bunches of Texture. Ask your florist to select complementary flowers of various textures to place in bunches in an elegant glass container. This unique look has a bold, contemporary feel and will surely provide the “wow” factor.
• The stylish: traditional, contemporary, millefiori, Victorian, whimsical, up-scale? What’s her brand?
The Checklist:
  • Be Spontaneous. You don't have to wait for a special occasion to give flowers. In fact, most women say “no reason” is the best reason to get flowers.
  • Size Doesn’t Matter. Trust your florist to help you send an arrangement that is appropriate for the occasion. Bouquets both big and small can make a bold statement. It’s the sentiment that makes the impact.
  • Score The Big Points. Surprise her by sending a bouquet to her office, and see how much attention you’ll get because of the attention she got.
  • Relax. Flowers don't have to mean commitment. Women know when an arrangement simply means that you care.
The most important thing to remember is that you simply cannot go wrong with flowers, your florist is here to help, but you’ll get all the credit.”

Encycloflora. Encyclopedia of Floral Design. By Teleflora
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