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Average Spending in Flowers

Average Spending in Flowers

Most often customers ask whats the average spending in flowers?

Sometimes because they don't know, others because it's the first time they send flowers, maybe because they don't personally know the recipient's so well as to formulate their taste, perhaps they need to fulfill a cordial and social etiquette, in the event of any of these questions here are some answers. 

It really depends of the occasion for sending flowers, how important is the flower recipient, and your perceived value according to your budget and your own taste.

What is most important for you? The height of the Floral Arrangement? The Value in the Vase or Container? Is it a keepsake? What kinds of Flowers are you looking into? Inexpensive Chrisanthemum Mix and colorful flowers or High End, Orchids, Renancoulus, Peonies and the likes?

Average order I will say is about $95.00, however, orders between $60-$85 will return a good decent size floral arrangement. 

Sometimes the occasion dictates the type of arrangement you will want to choose, like in the case of conveying a sympathy message, you might want to pick a live plant in case you are sending the composition to their homes or a floral arrangement to the place of service. Average spending on funerals ranges between $100-$150

In the case of anniversaries, I love you's and Romance Flowers, average spendings is even wider. Lovers tend to spend more on these occasions.

Happy Birthday kinds of Floral arrangements are usually between $50-$85. 

Newborn Floral Arrangements are usually even wider, spending anywhere from $50 to $200 and more. 

Get well soon flowers are probably the least spent of all of them flower occasions. 

Whichever your situation is, if you find yourself doubting, go with a designer's choice. The designer's Choice will be a fresh floral bouquet as we pick up flowers daily from the Local Floral Markets, you can add in the notes your preference in regards to color palette, Style and Flowers. 


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