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Green with envy about those blooms

Green with envy about those blooms


It symbolizes:

Harmony, health, optimism, 4th chakra (heart)… 

The first signs of Spring are green, evoking a feeling of optimism about the future. In places with four full seasons, green is a sign that winter is over and many beautiful blossoms will be flourishing. Obviously green is tied to nature, but it represents the balance and harmony we feel when we are immersed in nature’s splendor. Don’t underestimate green as ordinary; green flowers like callas can be very elegant and stately.

The nuances of green...

Green doesn't just come in one shade; it's very nuanced. There are bright greens that represent Spring, dark velvety greens that make us think of winter, and even green that is so bright it borders on being yellow, making us think that Summer is right around the corner.
Green Buttons Corsage               Preserved Roses - Dark Green                Green Glee Bouquet
And if you’d like to think outside the box, ask your florist how you can incorporate plants such as succulents in your designs.
 Check out "My Green Desk"

The word on green:

"All about Spring"

Recommended flowers in this color palette:

Trichilium (green tricks)
Dusty Miller

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