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Flowers of the sign Leo - according to Flourania

In his own domain. Sun entered Leo today

SUN IN LEO! THE SIGN RULED BY THE SUN,  which flowers for the LEO SIGN according to Flourania!

Fun, Dynamic, Creative, Sparkling, Energetic, Egocentric, Dramatic, Vane, Dazzling, Flashing, Generous, Proud, Arrogant, Overconfident, Giving, Dictatorial, Joyful. These are just some of the keywords for this joyful and generous sign where the sun is Regal and our hearts desires flow in divine order.

The sun in Leo is a dynamic and passionate force. Those born under this sign are naturally attractive with an attention-grabbing personality (like the sun is the center of our solar system) but it also helps to be aware of one's own strengths because they can sometimes come across as domineering or conceited if not handled correctly by friends and family members alike! The key here? Self-awareness makes all the difference between success (and happiness) Yellow and fire colors are predominant when decorating and expressing Leo qualities.
The sun in Leo is a source of warmth and power. These born leaders love showing themselves fully, which can sometimes get them into trouble but also has its benefits such as being able to take charge with ease when necessary - not an easy thing for some other signs!

Flowers assigned to Leo according to Flourania are the Sunflowers. As a general note because they grow tall and strong facing the sun. Also because they are available all year round just like the king of our solar system.

Other flowers like yellow gerbera, yellow roses and spray roses, and purple flowers, drawing from its opposite sign in Aquarius, combine beautifully with the yellow.

Ones like Leos aren't afraid of getting everyone's attention because they know how beautiful it makes them feel on the inside; everyone else feels warm too after seeing this passionate person glow from within: "the heathen without," or so we call him/her?
The sun in Leo is a powerful, intense fire that needs to be balanced with water. People born during this time are driven by their emotions and desires for recognition or fame which causes them to do impulsive things like buying expensive items on impulse rather than planning ahead so they can afford these frivolous purchases later down the line when more money's available (if ever). They crave attention from others but don't want it at all costs - sometimes getting too shy even though you're told over-and-over again how hot your personality really is! It takes patience of steel just for an individual whose name starts off as Lee/Leoiller

The powerful Leo sun is at its peak, giving off an incredible amount of energy that will be felt by everyone in your life. You are feeling expansive and confident as well as very loving towards others around you! Try not to get too excited about all these feelings though because it can lead into bad habits like misusing or taking advantage of people close with out thinking about what they need or deserve from our actions

If you have a friend or a love one who’s birthday is on the sign of Leo, send her/him a bunch of sunflowers, wrapped or décor in complements of royal blue or purple colors, or leopard expressive decoration.

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